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We hire dental professionals like they’re going to work with us, personally.

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Hiring for dental offices is part art and part science. It’s about finding someone who is a fit for the job and a hit with the patients. It’s about finding someone who passes the toothbrush test (would you want to brush your teeth next to this person?). It’s about bringing the right people to the interview table – and that’s where we come in.

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We are a dental-specific recruiting, retention, and education company. We are dedicated to helping you hire your next great candidate, help to retain them, and provide continuing education for the office to keep them elevated!
Career Elevation has been successfully matching jobseekers with dental offices since 2014. We understand the dental profession from the inside out as our recruiters have all worked in a dental office! It’s about bringing the right people to the interview table – and that’s where we come in.

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Building Teams, Cultivating Leaders

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Once your team is in place, it’s crucial to nurture them as individuals and as part of a group focused on patient satisfaction. We at Career Elevation can help with all your ongoing employment needs:

  • Team building
  • Building leadership skills
  • Career coaching
  • Crafting job descriptions that attract strong candidates
  • Job retention
  • Improving communication
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Isn’t it time you took the guesswork out of hiring new employees and started engaging the ones you’ve got? Contact Wendy Aldhamen and the Career Elevation team for advice that is friendly, personable, and knowledgeable.

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