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Amazon Tips for Buying Clothing PLUS Bonus Tips!

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Today’s podcast is about Amazon! This episode will help you out in two ways, one with purchasing clothing for your interview and the second, helping you with purchasing holiday gifts! I buy most of my clothes on Amazon, probably 80+%. I hear people all the time tell me that every time they purchase clothing from Amazon they have to return them, so I’m confident that with these tips, it will be able to help you out!


I’ve got three things that I always look at when ordering. PLUS two additional tips for you (#4 and #5) that will help you save more money this holiday season, and beyond!


1- Reviews

I always check the reviews. There must be over 10 reviews and I click into the photos to see the dates. Sometimes the person selling the item will host a quick sale for items in exchange for a review. Those reviews are weighted usually in a positive way. So when looking at the reviews, if there are only 10 reviews, the chances are that the item has been for sale for about 4-6 months or more. If all 10 reviews are within one week and no reviews in a month or two, you’ve definitely found an item that you should probably avoid!

2- Fit

Once an item has been on Amazon for a bit of time and after there has been enough reviews, Amazon creates a fit as expected. You can click into the “Fit as expected” and see if people think that the item is too small or too large.

3- photos

Obviously, you’ll look at all of the main photos, but do you ever look at the photos in the reviews? I do this ALL the time, for everything. This will show me how the clothing actually fits on a real person and it’s not touched up. I check for similar body shapes and sizes as me and I read the comments from them, sometimes they’re nice enough to also add the size of the item which can also really help!

4- The seller

Did you know that there are 2,000,000 resellers on Amazon? About 2 years ago this number was just 300,000. Some of the sellers on Amazon open an account, try to sell fake goods, then shut the account down, or Amazon will shut them down if they feel like they’re doing fraudulent activity. When you’re looking at an item, on that listing, under the Buy it Now buttons you’ll see where it says Sold by ____ seller, if you scroll down a bit past that, you’ll see New (33) Prime sellers at ___Price. This means that there are 33 people or companies reselling an item. If you’re not sure and you think that the items aren’t great, there are reviews that can be left for the seller as well as the product. Just click on the seller’s name and it will tell you at the top what percent of a seller they are. And you can click through those reviews if you wish. If there are no reviews, I wouldn’t buy from that person!

5- Used

Amazon can give you a little smack on the wrist if you’re selling an item that is damaged, or the packaging is ripped, which means that the seller has to either sell the item as used, write it off or donate the item. If the item is still in great condition but the packaging is damaged, this is a great way for the reseller to be able to recoup the money from the item now, rather than waiting for tax time.

What I’m getting at here, is that the item isn’t actually typically used at all. This can be the same as a collectible. Sometimes Amazon doesn’t give you the option of used, like for toys, toys you have to sell as collectible, instead of used. I will usually always look for the used option and I save a ton of money by doing this.

If you’re wondering why I know all of this, 4 years ago my husband started selling on Amazon, so I kinda know some insider secrets!


The biggest take away here is that Amazon isn’t always selling you an item, it could be from a plethora of resellers. Although if you shop Amazon Wardrobe, I do believe that this is only Amazon. They do buy items straight from China, but they also have contracts with large name brands that are real and authentic as well.


As much as I love talking about shopping and savings, I’d like to tell you about my digital course and the savings here. The Career Upgrades course is full of juicy information that will help you upgrade your resume and cover letter. It will help increase your interview skills and it even gives you clothing options with Amazon links to the clothing. This course is for those of you who are switching careers or transitioning into a new job, whatever that may mean for you.

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