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How Do I Get Motivated To Change My Job?

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Welcome back,

I keep getting asked, “How do I get motivated to change my job?” Well, I have three ways that will help YOU get motivated, starting TODAY.

1- Read/ Listen to books, podcasts, & YouTube videos. You should be filling any extra time that you have with motivation. Any time that you’re driving, showering, cooking, cleaning, getting ready, or yard work. You are a conglomerate of the 5 closest people in your life, let motivational audio be one of those 5 and help lift you up.

2- Write down something that you will do TODAY that will get you one step closer to your dream career. It can be as simple as canceling my event on Friday so I can work on my resume. Or it could be sign up for the class or course in the field I want to be in.

3- Find yourself a motivational/ accountability partner. This person can be a current friend of yours, or you can find one online, but they must be at your level or above you, don’t select someone that you have to pull up right now.


Here are some books that have helped me in the past to help build confidence, keep me motivated and help me to grow.

Brian Tracy- Close That Sale

Peter Diamandis & Steven Kolter- Abundance The Future Is Better Than You Think

Rachel Hollis- Girl, Wash Your Face

Ben Horowitz- The Hard Thing About Hard Things

Jen Sincero- You Are A Badass

John Mason- An Enemy Called Average (This is one of the best books I’ve ever read!)

Atul Gawande- The Checklist Manifesto

Joe Navarro- What Every Body Is Saying

Simon Sinek- Start With Why

Richard Koch- The 80/20 Manager

Brian Tracy- Just Shut Up and DO IT!

Al Ritter- The 100/0 Principle

David Zerfoss- Stress Is A Choice

Omar Periu- The No-Fail Meeting

Brian Tracy- Eat That Frog

Sally Hogshead- How The World Sees You

Carmine Gallo- Talk Like TED

Brian Tracy- The Psychology of Selling

Dale Carnegie & Associates- The Art of Effective Communication

Lois P. Frankel, PhD- Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office

Michael Masterson- Ready, Fire, Aim

Grant Cardone- If You’re Not First, You’re Last

Jon Acuff- Do Over

Robin Ryan- 60 Seconds & You’re Hired

Dan Harris- 10% Happier


Podcasts that I listen to are…

Brooke Castillo- The Life Coach School (this is super, even if you don’t want to be a life coach!)

Kathy Heller- Don’t Keep Your Day Job

Gary Vaynerchuk- The Garyvee Audio Experience

Chris Guillebeau- Side Hustle School

Jenna Kutcher- Goal Digger

Amanda Boleyn- She Did It Her Way

Amy Porterfield- Online Marketing Made Easy


I also mentioned in the podcast that…. (I’m hesitant to even say this…) I’m offering my Career Elevation Course for $47 if you prepay. The course will be released on November 15th, and the price will never ever be $47 again. In this course, you will learn how to set yourself aside from the other resumes, update your references, cover letter, help with interview questions and even what you should wear to an interview. Complete with Amazon links to buy some of the clothing, seriously, there isn’t a course out there this complete, get in line now!

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