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Once upon a time, there was a petite young lady with the best ambitions and intentions of creating a business, so she asked a fairy godmother how to do so. She told the fairy godmother that she has so many good ideas, but she doesn’t know how to start. The fairy godmother told the young lady to follow her heart. Okay, we’re not here for that kind of storytime. But this is how my story starts, I did want to start a business but I didn’t know how to start, at the time I was working in a dental office and I thought that I wanted to be a dental consultant. I went to a website that listed a whole bunch of dental consultants, I scrolled through the photos looking for the youngest person to reach out to. At the time I was 22, so I wanted someone who I could relate to and who was doing this is pretty much real-time, not someone who has been doing this for 30 years and so many things have changed.

I reached out to my fairy godmother- Grace, I told her how I found her, she was flattered. Grace owns a marketing business and I’ll tell you that she sure is fabulous at what she does! She went on to ask me lots and lots of questions as a fairy godmother should get all the facts before giving advice.  I remember her asking me when was the last time I failed and literally my response was, IDK I really try hard at what I do, I cannot remember when I failed. I thought I aced that answer, sadly I failed that answer…. The correct answer is today, yesterday, last week, sometime recently. Why fail you may ask, well it shows that you’re trying so hard that you fail, you do it again and you fail again and again and again until you become resilient and you come out on top, every time. Failing shows that your willing to risk it all, to not be correct 100% of the time, but you’re willing to learn from your mistakes, find out how to fix it for the next time and then come out on top and win.
Grace also said one of my favorite quotes to me that I don’t think I’ll ever forget “You’re smart if you learn from your own mistakes but you’re a genius if you learn from others mistakes”. I am always asking people for advice, I take bits of how they won and lost, I think about how this will affect me and what I’m doing and what I’m working on and I help my self to those mistakes that they made.

I do enjoy having Grace as a mentor of mine, she inspires me and is so truthful with what she does. Do you have a mentor? You don’t have to be young like me to be a mentee. But also, you can be young like me and be a mentor. With all this time on the earth, you are more experienced than someone at something. Have you ever seen a two-year-old interacting with 12 month old, they help them to walk or talk or eat. Even a two-year-old can be a mentor. Who can you mentor?

Who really cares about being a mentor or even having one for that matter, Fairy godmother’s aren’t real anyway! Well if you add at the bottom of your resume that you’re a mentor or your in a mentoring program that is one more piece that will help you to glow. This shows that you’re helpful, willing to teach and to learn. Having a mentor is like getting help from someone who has been through the field, walked around in their muck boots and then rinsed them off and put a bow on them before wearing them to town. They have failed and prevailed and they can share that information with you to help you be the genius that you really are. Now, you’re ready to go find a fairy godmother or to be one, right? Head out and go ask someone if they need a mentor or if they can be yours. What’s the harm in asking anyway, the worst that they can say is no, but you know what, I bet they’ll be so flattered.

So I ask you, when will you be adding “Mentor” to your resume? If you need more help with your resume, make sure you stop on over to my website which will be in the show notes below. Just go on over push, click, push, click, Ride on over. Does anybody get that reference? Let me know that I didn’t just make that silly for nothing!
Have a good night and I’ll see you at the digital course!

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