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First Phone Call Interview What to Do and Not to Do

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So I hear that you’ve submitted your resume or application to this new office, great job! Now we wait, actually while we wait we can prepare!

I’ve got these tips for when you aren’t expecting a call from the company, please don’t mistake the following for a scheduled Facetime interview!

Ring, Ring, Ring

Hello my name is Wendy from Dr. Awesome’s office, is this Heather?
To which you should reply, yes this is, ——

Make sure you write their name down and what company they’re from. ORRRR You can say “I’m sorry I think the phone cut out when you said your name and what business you’re calling from”

ORRR you can ask them to please hold on just a moment, mute them, put them on speaker and walk to another room where it isn’t so loud. If you can grab headphones as well this is best. Thank them for allowing you to put them on hold, no more than 30 seconds here guys! Remember if they’re looking to hire that means they’re probably already short-staffed and they’ve got shit to do, so don’t waste their time. Plus they may only want to call to schedule some kind of interview.

When you return to the phone you can say “I’m so sorry I wanted to get to a room that was quieter, I didn’t quite hear your name or where you’re calling from. Then WRITE IT DOWN!

Get your resume and all of your papers in front of you.

I’ll often hear from an applicant that they don’t have their resume in front of them and they don’t remember what they wrote on it. I mean, it’s your life, how don’t you know what you have on your resume!

These papers should all be in an area of your house where you can easily get to them. Put all of these papers in a folder or a padfolio. Just because we’re stuck at home doesn’t mean that we need to be heathens here. Lol ok IDK how that makes any sense, but you get the point, right?

I should also mention that now is the time that you’re always answering your phone with respect for the person on the other end, whether if you think that the person is a telemarketer or your potential to a new manager. Also, what does your voicemail greeting sound like? And do you have a ring back? A few episodes ago I talked about this too. I think that phone carriers should eliminate ring back tones, 99.9% of them suck or are inappropriate anyways, plus keep that $4 a month in your pocket anyways.

The bonus on having and appropriate voicemail CAN mean the difference between moving on to the next candidate and leaving you a voicemail. I don’t want to be tricked into the “hello, what’s up, just kidding leave me a message” Thats totally 2005, let’s move on from those. If you get a new phone, this is a great time to make sure that your voicemail is set up.

Try to make sure you have one copy of all the things you need printed, your resume, cover letter, references and your questionnaire, in case your computer doesn’t want to start or it’s dead and not charged. If you’ve known me for long, you know I don’t usually recommend people to print off extra things, but this is a perfect example of when you should print them off.
Then once you’ve found a job, you can store those papers in the wall for someone else to find in like 70 years from now, that would be a good use of paper then and what fun that would be! Side note, I once found porn in a heater vent in my bedroom, that was interesting.

Write down comments on your questionnaire. This is a great time to make sure to ask any questions that you haven’t already found online, which are easy enough questions to ask over the phone. If you’re applying to lots of offices, keeping notes on each office is essential. How embarrassing would it be if one job that you like is offering you $25 an hour and another is offering $20 but you forgot which one it is until you take the position? Notes y’all, notes!

The next simple trick I have for you is to Sit up straight and put your shoulders back. This actually will make your voice sound better. You’re able to get more oxygen to your diaphram and you’re not just breathing with your belly. You’ll sound more like, you!

Put a smile on your face– I promise you that they can hear that smile. Customer Service jobs will usually always tell you to smile. When you smile your tone becomes more positive and you sound friendly. If you’re talking with a straight face you’ll sound like you’ve got a defensive attitude. Did you hear that shift in my tone, the only thing that I changed is the smile on my face.

I’ll summarize the 5 tips that I presented for you today Write their name and company down, go to a quiet space, have your resume in front of you, Sit up with your shoulders back, put a smile on your face and make sure you take notes and use your questionnaire.

And if you didn’t hear, I’ve got my course at 90% off right now. I didn’t think I’d ever have it this low, but I wanted to do my part in helping out my fellow dental and medical staff friends in this crappy time. The offer is good until Michigan says we go back to work.
Also I know that some of you are busy with teaching your kids or if you are able to work, so I’m also offering 50% off for a custom resume. Again, link will also be in the show notes.

If you could be a peach, would you be willing to share this podcast with just one friend, I would deeply appreciate that. And I want to thank you for being a part of this world, someone here needs you and I’m glad you’re here.

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