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Here’s How to Take on Negativity and Come out Positive

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Hello, good day and welcome back,

How you can use someone’s negativity to fuel your fire and tips to avoid the negativity!! Have you ever been in this situation? Where someone has told you that you can’t do something or that you shouldn’t? But you know that this is something that you WANT to do and that you can do.


Imagine how one match or one flick of a lighter can start a forest fire. What fire will you be starting today?

What are these negative Nancy’s intending for you? To hurt your feelings? Or to protect theirs? That is the real point here. Do you really think that it’s their goal to hurt you? I think that most people are on this earth to do good. Sometimes we get sidetracked in life with how good WE want to feel. Sometimes we project our greatest fears which sometimes gets clouded with the fact that someone else is doing or may do it better than what you can do. How can we stay focused amongst all of this?

Always remember what is driving you, are you in a bumper car just pushing everyone out of the way to cross the mediforical finish line? Because that will never be able to help you.

When I was told that I shouldn’t step into the office manager role when my office manager was leaving, I was so hurt.

At the time she said that to me I was going at whined up car paced. My pace was ok, but there was always someone directing me.

I enjoyed what I was doing, I enjoyed learning at the pace that I was going in, but when I was told no, that I couldn’t do it, I instantly became a freakin Ferrari or better yet, a Tesla. I started researching how to be a better leader while I was on hold with patients, insurance companies, at lunch, at home after hours and on the weekend how I can better myself for my team, There was no way that I was going to let that person who I did really respect, tell me no. I knew that I could do better, I knew that I was good enough and I knew that even though I was only 22 at the time, I could research my way to the top.
Remember Someone who has achieved more than you will never judge you for wanting more. It doesn’t matter if you’re 20 or 40, at any age you can become a manager or a leader. If you’re willing to put the time in, it doesn’t matter what age you are.
If you listen to podcasts, watch educational youtube videos, take extra CE classes, if you do this at an accelerated pace it IS possible for you to learn and know as much as someone who has been doing this for years. The only way that you’ll be able to do this is by DOING. Think about all of these tech startups, most of them are by young people right? Think about the story of which was sold in 2002 and renamed PayPal. Do you know who created PayPal and hold old he was? Elon Musk created and sold PayPal at 30 years old for 1.5 Billion dollars.

You don’t have to create a tech start-up or sell anything by the time you’re 30 years old, but what will you do by the time you’re 30, 40, 50, or 60. What made me want to do more and be more is thinking that same thing. What will my children think of me when they’re grown? Will they respect me for what I am doing? Will I respect me for where I’ve gone in life? I’ve always been a think far into the future kind of person.

Here is what I learn from those who go before me, I learn from them, from their mistakes and from their wins. I can cherry-pick the things that I can take to my work and leverage that. I stay dedicated to what I’m doing, for you for the patients and for my future children.

–Other people’s energy or vibrations can and sometimes do have an impact on you, right? Here are some tips to help keep you up when people directly around you, well, kind of suck!
Tip #1 I like to have positive thoughts around me. The stickers on my laptop right now are “Focus on Now”, “I am more powerful than this, is this what future wendy wants”, and “Stay Humble, Hustle Hard”. On the light switch in my office, it says “Breath in the positivity”. It reminds me to take a second, to remember that we’re all in this together and some people have a hard time controlling what they say and you know what, that’s NOT on you!! You can only control one person and that’s you!

Tip #2- Take ownership in your thoughts. I recently read the book “A Mind At Home With Its Self” By Byron Katie. She is great at helping you to understand that everything positive and negative happening around you is a direct circumstance of how you interpret the situation.

In her book she always asks “But is it true, how can you know 100% that this is true?”

I’ll give you an example that she’s given before, if you’re husband leaves the toilet seat up and you yell at him “Why can you NEVEr put the seat down?” But can you really know that it was him? Was a service tech out to your house? Did someone clean and leave the toilet seat up? And why does it bother you so much? Do you ever think about the little fights that you get in? Is it really that big of a deal that the seat is up in the first place? What if he yelled at you for leaving the seat down? It’s really about the same thing.

Another example for you is that My mom always used to say this to me as a child “No one can make you feel anything”. I hated when she would tell me this! What she meant by this was I am the one who makes me feel feelings. So if someone says I don’t like you, I cannot respond by whining and saying “He makes me feel unimportant” No my love, you’re making yourself feel this way. Understand that your thoughts have actions and you’re in control of the actions and your thoughts.

Tip #3 Thank them. Be thankful for the haters, the people who say you cannot do something that you know you can. I do have a lot of thanks for the person who I was talking about earlier. If she didn’t say to the doctor that I shouldn’t be office manager, I don’t know that I would be where I’m at today. Maybe I’d be in the same spot, maybe I’d still be assisting, maybe I’d still be a receptionist. But I do know that she was the first fire that was lit under my ass. Her first negative action made me become the Tesla that I am today. So I thank her and I’m thankful that I started as young as I was.

Imagine if you wanted to become a leader or a manager but you didn’t start until you’re 50, because you want to wait until the right time, or wait until you have X # of years under your belt?
If you start when you’re in you’re 20’s you’ll be able to stay with your practice longer, and SHHH— you can move up the chain of pay quicker than those who wait. Shh, don’t tell the old people I told you.

Tip #4- Become resilient, the definition of resilient is “the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity.” What a beautiful definition. When we hear the negativity, when the nay-sayers are here whispering in our ear, our duty is to look at them, say no thank you and spring back into your positivity!

We have to look at the negativity from an outside or objective space. We cannot always control what is happening around us, BUT we can control how we see it and how we behave. The glaringly obvious example is the Corona Virus, this is a worldwide problem, what can YOU do about it? You can 1- stay informed so you don’t get sick or spread the sick. 2- you can create the positive in what you CAN control. You can be thankful that you get the time off to work on your education, to read books, to clean your house, to create your garden, to spend with your family and children. Right now is the opportunity for you to become a teacher, to be the encouraging factor in your family and friend’s lives right now. It is a serious time and I’m not discounting that here at all, I’m just always looking for the positivity in everything.

I’ve given you four tips to keep the fire lit under you. 1- keep positive notes around you. 2- take ownership in your own thoughts. 3- thank the negative Nancy’s. 4- become resilient. If you’re still with me, thank you so much for your time today, I want to offer to you all my digital course Career Upgrades to you at 90% off. I believe that this is what I can do for each and every one of you. I’m doing this because I know this is going to be a time that really hurts for a lot of you and I hope this can help you financially at least. If you’re looking for a way up or out of your current job. I’ve been there and I’m here to lend you a helping hand to get out. When you click the link below, it will lead you to your all-inclusive digital course-Career Upgrades. This online course will allow you to invest in your present and future career. It will help you by enhancing your resume and cover letter as well as heighten and expand your interview skills. Career Upgrades is here for you from the start all the way through to the follow-up and acceptance to your dream job.



How will your legacy look? And what fire will you be starting today?
See you all next week!


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