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How To Have a Smooth Career Transition.

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How to Have a Smooth Career Transition

Are you worried about making that career transition because you don’t know if you’ll fit in? You’re probably thinking back to when you had to change schools, or go from middle school to high school or high school to college and maybe you didn’t have the best experience.

Well, the good news is, we’re now grown, adults!! We can understand our emotions better, we can talk it out, and we can be more empathic. I totally get it, when transitioning into a new job, it can be rather terrifying, but take a few of these steps and implement them into your next transition, it will make the situation better.


One day, I will be known for the quote “I Love pushing people off the comfort cliff”. Seriously there is no better feeling (in my opinion) than thinking that you cannot do something, but you do it anyways and you succeed!

I was asked just the other day if I wanted to speak for our local Toastmasters Club in the speech contest. I could have done this year but I put it off because it’s something that scares me, so this year, I’m doing it!
I’m going to practice and practice and practice some more, it’s actually making my heart race a little extra right now, or maybe that’s all the coffee, either way, I will achieve this, even if I don’t go to the next round, I will feel success for attempting something that I feel is rather large.

When was the last time that you didn’t want to do something, but you knew that you’re capable of doing it? If you cannot think of a time, then I challenge you to do so. Next time someone asks if you would partake in something and your very first response in your head is, I’m too scared, then pretty please, take that as a challenge and DO IT!
You will never know if the grass is greener on the other side if you don’t take that first step. When you’re applying, you’re walking to the fence that separates your grass from the grass on the other side.. When you interview, you’re poking your head over the fence like Wilson from Tim The Toolman Taylor. Do you know what reference this is?! If you don’t I’ve attached a photo of him so you can see what I mean! Once you start that new job, I just imagine how green, soft and fluffy the grass is. Like when I dog finds that good spot on the grass, he rolls over and scooches his back all around, flailing back and forth. You know what I mean, right? That is some good grass. But you’ll never know if that grass is “Kentucky Blue Grass” Or “Crab Grass” until you venture over and through that fence.


So, here are some tips that can help you

1- Research. What do you personally need to help you get past this “I’m too scared/fearful/ anxious” stage? I think that once we’re able to gather more information about what position we’re heading into can help a lot. Research, research, research. Find people on Linkedin, Facebook, Friends, word of mouth that can talk to you about the business or position that you’re heading into. Always remember that people are not machines and we can be biased. So be cautious about absorbing every bit of information that you’re given or you read.

2- When getting introduced after you’ve already started, bring a note pad and write down people’s names and titles. It will help you to remember who they are and you’ll appear like you’re really trying to be the best at this job! Probably because you are!

3- Be on time, I’m sure that we’ve all heard the saying if you’re on time, you’re late and if you’re 15 minutes early, you’re on time. Make sure to check the weather, if you need to shovel snow, defrost the car or find your umbrella before leaving.

Research how long exactly it will take to get there, DURING rush hour. It won’t do you any good to check the night before at 9 pm what time you should arrive if traffick will make you 15 minutes slower, because it’s rush hour. It would also be a good idea to do a test run, and see how the commute is. When I was 20, I was looking into a job across town and I remember not wanting to take the job because I would have to drive through rush hour traffic where 27 and 496 meets. I’m sure we all have this interchange, no matter where you live. It’s slow for basically no reason, every. single. Day! Who knows, maybe not taking that job has allowed me to be where I am today. Do you know where this next job will take you?

4- Dress for success, make sure that you’re paying attention in the interview, at what others in the office are wearing. Whenever possible, always look just a little better than them. Especially for the first day or week of work.

5- Clear your afternoon schedule for the first week or two. If you’re asked to go out for a cocktail hour after work, GO! Or if you made a mistake, make sure that you’re able to stay after and fix it, or help the person who is fixing it for you. I do understand that not everyone wants to go out for a cocktail hour, BUT you don’t want to see unfriendly or unsocial, you’ll never know how your new coworkers are unless you give it a shot!

6- FOOD, mmm I must be hungry. Bring me some sweet treats or healthy depending on your work environment and you’ll be winning friends! Possibly even bring in some coffee, lots of coffee shops can give you black coffee that serves about a dozen people. Make sure to call ahead to see how long it will take, sometimes it will take a shop about 30 minutes to prepare this, so again, DON’t be late!

If you’re really a thinking ahead kind of person, make sure that you bring cups and creamer too, in case you don’t know how the break room is set up.

How to do you eat your lunch? Do you go out every day or do you bring lunch with you? Depending on how your new work environment is, be ready for both! If someone invites you out, take the chance. Get to know them, also be aware that they may be biased about their job. If they complain, don’t automatically think that this job isn’t right for you, maybe it’s just not right for them!

Think about this, there are people who work outside in the freezing temperatures and in the blazing heat OR if that’s what you do, more power to you, think about those who sit at a desk for 8 hours. Not every position is right for everyone! Don’t let their opinion of the job get your hopes down if that’s what happens!

I truly do think that these tips should be able to help you with your next career transition.

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If you’re interested in getting your career change question answered, please email or PM me on Facebook. I’d love to sponsor your question here! I can keep your name 100% confidential or I can address you on here! Have a day and I’ll meet you back here next Monday!

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