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How to Talk About That Terrible Job…

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Hello and Happy December to you,
How do you talk about that job that you hated? I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve had that job that just sucked! I wanted to get out but I didn’t know how, where to go, or what my first step was. So here is a little storytime. I was working a dental job and the dental community is very small, and usually, word gets around if there is a quirky dentist. I remember going to a working interview and feeling the need to explain why I didn’t want to work where I was at. In this working interview, I’m sure that the dentist asked the employees to ask questions, to poke and prod and come back at the end of the day to talk about what they found out.
Well, I’ll admit that I wasn’t as graceful with my words as I should have been.
Rather than saying negative things, what I should have done is share the positivity about the office and what I learned. Sharing the negativity never helps and the hiring manager will just assume that they’ll be the next office that you talk about.
When answering the question, why did you leave your last job, or why do you want to leave your current job; always follow up with these examples in mind.
If your boss or manager is rude and you’ve done everything to try to change it and nothing seems to get better.
Your answer could be: My boss and I are on two different levels with X. However, with Y, we were on the same page. I’ve learned so much being where I am and I know more about X because of working here. I am happy that I was able to work here and learn about Z and how it associate with X. I think that by learning more about X, Y and Z with my boss, I can take all my current knowledge and apply it to Position A today and become who you need me to mold into in the future.
Having a bad manager is one of the top reasons why people leave the job they’re at. So be cautious about the wording that you chose, you’ll never know if that manager you’re sitting across the table from is self-conscious that they’re a bad manager. Being a manager is hard and it takes a lot of learning, training, and confidence.
That manager you’re interviewing with knows that we’re living in the land of opportunity. There are so many openings all over the place.
There will always be something good that comes out of the job you’re in. You’ll have learned something, met someone, gained a skill. Reach deep down inside and see what it is that was the positive and highlight these areas while trying to avoid and be cautious of the negatives. Don’t be that negative nancy, no one wants to work with her!
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If you’re interested in getting your career change question answered, please email or PM me on Facebook. I’d love to sponsor your question here! I can keep your name 100% confidential or I can address you on here! Happy December and I’ll meet you back here next Monday!

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