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I’m Still Totally Lost

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Welcome back,

Last week we talked about how you can position yourself when you don’t have any experience in the field that you want to go into. As I was going through the podcast I was thinking about you, the one who has no idea where you want to go, but this job isn’t it!

So, you’re still totally lost and you still don’t know what your dream job is? I’ve got some questions that I’d like you to really think about and work through. Check out the link below to get this free work page!

I went through this with two people this week and I’d like to give you some of their answers. One person is a radiology tech, she likes the medical field but doesn’t want to continue to do what she’s doing. She thinks that she would like to be working as a receptionist, an insurance biller, something to where she doesn’t need to be on her feet. Also, she’s only working on Saturday and Sunday…. Ugh, that sounds like not that much fun! We’ll call her Shelly

The second person who I worked with this week is a lead dental assistant, she does SOOO much at her office. I don’t know how she gets it all done, she must be a magician! Without giving her age away, I’ll say she’s been doing this for a little over 10 years- wink wink. But she has always continued to learn and do more within her job. She’s brought so much to her work, she gains the office an incredible amount of money. Also, she does something that not a lot of other offices in this area do, I suggested for her to create a course to be able to teach other offices about this. She said that she’s already halfway there, how cool is that! Anyways, she said that she would also like to be at a desk, shes got back and neck issues that she’s been dealing with and she needs to be able to sit at a desk to do some of her work. She is interested in being an insurance coordinator, office manager (which she already pretty much is). She’s looking to still be in the dental field. We’ll call her Linda

Let’s dive in, if you’re driving, or working out, or cooking, please be safe, and maybe listen then download the workbook and do these activities.

First things first, Write down the positives and negatives of your current jobs. I like to do this with any big decision that I just cannot decide what I’d like to do. Positives can also be what you like to do in your job. If you don’t have anything in positives, it’s obviously time for a change, I hope you’re working on your resume and organizing your office, so you can run when you get the chance!

What is your favorite part of this job?

1- Shelly –I love the patient care aspect. I like doing the ct scan itself and I like to learn new things.

2- Linda— I love the independence, diversity, marketing, practice growth, along with assisting.

What is your least favorite part of this job?

1- The actual business, the pressure to get pt’s done in a timely fashion with still giving good patient care.

2-Dealing with the doctor. He isn’t empathetic.

Do you want to stay in your field or do you want out completely?

1- Doesn’t want to stay in the hospital scene. I could go to a smaller office, as long as it’s a little slower-paced and it doesn’t always feel like someone is stepping on my heels! Also, I could go back to Xrays, but I haven’t done it since 2001.

2-  I would like to stay in my field.


How did you get into this position?

1- It just popped up. When I started, I was talking with my mom and we were looking at options that would be interesting, get me a good paycheck and good benefits.

2- I Went to school to be an RDA. (I asked her, yeah, but how did you know you wanted to be an RDA) I’ve wanted to be in dental since I was 8. I use to floss people’s teeth, I’ve never wanted to do anything else.

Are you ready to take extra steps and extra time to get where you want to be?

1- Yes, I’ve updated my resume, and last year I applied to a handful of things. Within the last few months, I’ve sent out 8 applications in the last few months.

2- YES, I got your course. I got a book and that is giving me tasks every day to do for at least 10 minutes to help me get to where I want to be.

What will it take to make you happy?

1- I think good communication throughout departments, with managers, and employees. Plus a less stressful atmosphere.

2- I really just want appreciation, someone who values me and trusts me, someone, who knows that I have the practice and patients first of mind and that I will be compensated well.


What are your goals with your job?

1- I like to learn new things that will further my skills. I want to be more challenged or be in a better position.

2- I like leadership, I like to teach others and lead. I like practice growth, teamwork. I also like to do audits too.

What obstacles are in your way?

1- How I can relate what I do to office duties to what I’m currently doing.

2- Fear, I don’t know what will happen

After you’ve completed these questions, take time to reflect. This is the time to take your positives and likes about your job and search for those attributes in another career for you to work in. If you’re still 100% lost, I do have a website on the PDF that you can go to. I filled out the whole thing it took about 30 minutes, but it was very accurate and really gave me some information about myself. It gave me attributes that describe me and I can use those attributes to continue to grow myself.

I’m going to start wrapping this up with a quote from one of my favorite books “The most natural thing to do when you get knocked down is to get back up”. Think about this literally, if you get knocked down, you’re not going to stay there forever, you’re going to get back up and brush yourself off. Why do we let so much get to us mentally? Next time your boss isn’t so great at constructive feedback, and you feel knocked down. I would love if you could get back up- mentally, be like Jay-Z and brush your shoulders off. I’m not going to be able to get that out of my head now, so sorry not that sorry lol. (In case you need to now listen to the song…. haha )

While you’re on my website, don’t forget about the Career Upgrades course! What is this course I speak about you ask? This course will help you to upgrade your resume, references, cover letter, it helps increase your interview skills, what you should wear in an interview, and even how to follow up. I’m here for you every step of the way because I was once in your shoes, and I hated it. I’m here to help pull you up and out. I’ll help you gain the confidence to do it on your own, because you know you can, and I know you can. You’ve got it deep down inside, you started listening to this podcast, you found me here, or on my website, my blog, you found me for a reason, now let that reason come to fruition and continue on.

Alright, next week’s podcast topic: how do you talk about a job that you just left or you’re trying to leave, without it sounding terrible.

Stay tuned and have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Black Friday, and remember to leave the store a little better than when you walked in. Oh P.S. I’ve got a special on my said starting this Wednesday! The deal is a surprise, so go check out the website to see the golden coupon!!

Ok, see you next Monday!!

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