Master Class

Career Elevation

This will be a twelve-month class starting this summer of two, one-hour Zoom meetings.

This Retention Master Class will help you and your office get back to being that “it” office. The office that everyone used to want to join, but now there aren’t really any of those offices left. Wendy and guest speakers will help teach you how to get closer and closer to that amazing office that everyone wants to join. This makes recruiting/ hiring, retention, staff engagement, and so many more things flow so much easier!

Every other week we’ll be meeting for a one-hour Zoom session, we’ll be talking about what you can implement that month to help your current team members stay involved, engaged, and interested in your office. The opposite week we will be talking about SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and onboarding. When candidates leave within the first 90 days, 80% of those that leave early on are because of the training, disorganization, or lack of onboarding.

This Master Class will get you and your office organized and we’ll provide all the needed steps and information to get you there. If you’re ready to invest into your team, so they invest back into you, this is the Master Class for you!