Meet the Team

Career Elevation

Wendy Aldhamen

Wendy has been a hiring manager since 2014. She started her dental coaching career in the trenches. She began as a dental assistant in 2010: great opportunity, toxic office culture. After that, she went to work for a dream practice. As she progressed to receptionist and then office manager, she gained valuable insight into office culture and the importance of a good fit. She also learned how to become a leader and how truly valuable effective communication is to a business’s success. She created Career Elevation to fill a void in the dental business: matching talented employees with enjoyable workplaces so both will flourish.

Kim Clarke – Recruiter

I started my career in dentistry in 2016 as a dental assistant and transitioned through the various roles upfront to my final position in office: Office Manager. I have been extremely fortunate to attend many CE courses and work with some really great consultants and other dental professionals and providers in my 6+ years in office. I am excited to now use that knowledge and experience to help dental offices and dental professionals find their “perfect match” and long-term dental “work home” with Career Elevation!

I am a “dental nerd” and love all the terminology and technology, so don’t be afraid to speak the language! I love that in this position I am able to talk with so many dental professionals daily and use what I learned in offices with patients, with candidates now – to help make them feel comfortable and confident during their interviews so that they are able to really show their new potential employer their best possible self.

Outside of work I really enjoy Starbucks, traveling, cooking good food, or going out to eat and spending time with my husband and our dog Goose.

Christian Lazaro (Chris) – Senior Project Analyst

Hi, I am Christian Lazaro, but you can call me Chris. I have been gladly working virtually for Career Elevation (CE) for more than a year now. I provide assistance to our offices and associate doctor connections for all of CE along with supporting the rest of the team in their daily activities.

It has been a delight to work with CE because we treat each other as a family and work as a team. I have grown a lot and am continuously learning, not only about the business but with different fields as well.  Our boss is the best. She makes sure that no one is left behind.  

As an individual, you would want to spread your wings and be the best you can be. And CE allows me that and still have time to look after my family which is the inspiration in everything I do. 

Thank you, CE for defining Work. Life. Balance.

Chiqui Tolosa – Project Coordinator

As a Project Coordinator, I make sure that the candidates that we search and invite fits the qualifications set by our client, I get the day organized for the rest of the team and set up for candidate communication. I’m also the one to manage Wendy’s Amazon books. 

I am a full-time awesome mom, online seller, and member of BTS Army(Philippine K-pop band), Borahae!

Career Elevation - Alyssa

Alyssa De Pedro – Project Analyst

Career Elevation had elevated my career and my life! Previously I worked as a Restaurant Manager for 5+ years and then shifted to work remotely with Career Elevation to be able to spend more time with my family. I have two kids and they mean the world to me.

I love Disney movies and the Harry Potter series, these type of movies gives me the good vibes I need every time. I also enjoy cooking and exploring a variety of good food. Most of the time I spend my day playing with my kids at parks fulfilling work-life balance!

I enjoy learning and exploring new things, especially at work. As a Project Analyst, it gave me new learnings regarding dentistry and helped me develop better my project management skills. Wendy helped me realize to make the most of my potential.

Charmaine Briones – Project Analyst

Transitioning from my previous job as a recruitment coordinator to become a Project Analyst here felt like a perfect fit. So far, my time at Career Elevation has been incredibly fulfilling. I’ve developed an interest in recruitment and I learned a lot about the dental field.

One of the highlights of my experience has been the opportunity to work with incredibly supportive colleagues. From day one, I’ve been amazed by the warmth and friendliness of everyone on the team. Their support made my transition easy and enjoyable.

As a Project Analyst, I find it fulfilling to facilitate the connection between talented individuals and exceptional dental offices. 

I love coffee, Japanese food, and binge-watching sitcoms and medical dramas. Recently, I started to learn to cook by trying out recipes I find on social media. I didn’t realize how fun and enjoyable it is to experiment in the kitchen!