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Tell Me About Yourself- the Dreaded Interview Question

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Today’s question was asked by Marissa, she said that she’s always having a hard time answering the “Tell me about yourself” question and she wanted my help. Well Marissa, I sure hope this helps you!

Tell me about yourself is one of the most asked questions in interviews. In this podcast today you’ll learn how to curate your answer to get you the best results.


Here are three questions to ask yourself to create your curated answer or elevator pitch. This question is really asking yourself three questions.

Where are you within your career

How did you get there and where will you end up.

Why are you passionate about this position.


Here is an example answer:

I am currently looking for a job closer to home, when my company sold last year we moved and it’s been a struggle with these 1-hour commutes back and forth instead of the 10 minutes from before the move.

I was able to move my way up the ladder, I started as an assistant, I transitioned into a receptionist then I was given the opportunity to become office manager. I spend so much time, even after work, researching and learning about my position, my role, taking continuing education classes which is ultimately how I found your company. I see that your company is larger than my current company and I am interested in becoming a leader to more people.

You’re basically giving your total career in just one answer. However, don’t go on about your personal life too much, but be personable. <<

Think about this as your 30-second pitch.

We talked about this last podcast- but it’s worth repeating several times so you don’t miss it. Do your research before going to an interview. Refresh yourself by looking at the job posting again. Look at the website, Facebook, Linkedin of the business and use keywords that are applicable to what your job would require from you. If there is information on what the company needs help with, try to tie this into your elevator pitch.


Another way that this question can be phrased is walk me through your background, tell me more about you. This doesn’t mean that you should say that you’re divorced and have 4 children under the age of 7. That may be true, but they don’t need to hear that. If they ask, what do you do outside of work, this would be a good opportunity to say I read books, I practice music, I work out, I’m a health nut (but I won’t push it on you haha), I love to cook. I’m crafty.

I’ll say those all again but think of the answers as being a parent. I read books- at night time.I practice music- I help my kids bang on pots and pans. I work out- I run after my kids while I try to work out or try to do yoga. I’m a health nut and I love to cook- I try to get my kids to eat broccoli so i put cheese on it. I’m crafy- I basically do my 4th grader’s science fair work. None are lies, well for me they would be because I don’t have kids. But you can always have a positive twist on everything!


See the reason why you’ll get asked this question in an interview is to help relax you, interviews can be hard and some hiring managers are interested in seeing who you really are, depending on how much interaction you’ll be having with others in your field.

It’s always beneficial to say that you’re taking continuing education classes, listening to podcasts, reading blogs, reading books, articles or enrolled in a class. If you’re not doing any of these things, go do something. Reading books or listening to audio is the easiest, fastest and cheapest!


Why is this question so important? Well, this is typically one of the first questions you’ll get asked which can help you set the tone of the whole interview. Have this answer nailed down in your head and it can help boost your chances of landing this job.


Again the questions are…

Where are you within your career

How did you get there and where will you end up.

Why are you passionate about this position.


Once you come up with your perfect elevator pitch, feel free to email it to me at or PM me on FB, I’d love to chat with you about it!


If you’re still in need of more help with your career transition, make sure to jump over to my website at and investigate the digital course. This course is chucked full of great information that will help you upgrade your resume, cover letter, and references, assist you with great interview questions and answers in addition to giving you the option to what you should be wearing and even the clothing links to go with the items in the photos! You won’t find a more thorough course than this. What are you waiting for? I’m done talking, head on over to the website! See you next Monday and don’t forget to submit your questions so I can help you get the answers you need to land your next job! Marissa, I cannot wait to hear that you’ve landed the job!

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