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Welcome back from the holidays!

Over the last 10 days I received about 200 hundred applications, I called 51 people, 17 of those answered. I scheduled 15 interviews, I had 7 No Call No Show (NCNS), 2 people said that it was too far and one person called me to tell me that she got a job. So if you get called and show up to an interview, based on these statistics, you’ve got a pretty good chance of getting a job. From 200 resumes down to 8 interviews, those odds are pretty great!

What was I looking for in a resume to select those people was constancy with a job. However I didn’t factor in large gaps in employment, I assume that the person was either very ill, taking care of someone ill or on maternity leave. So those who are stay at home mom or dads were defiantly not excluded. I actually saw two people’s resumes that said they’re mothers looking to get back into the work force. One person actually listed it as a job and described what she did, I though that was very cute! Her list should have been much longer than it was though.

With the consistence I mean working at a job for more than 3- 6 months. Hear me out, When I was searching for the job that was for me, I did work at three offices in one year, BUT the first one I was at for a year and a half, the second was 8 months and the third was my wonderful office that I wish I didn’t have to leave, I was there for almost 5 years before leaving. So I understand and I’m aware that people find jobs that they think they’ll love, but they don’t and they start looking for another. However there’s a big difference between finding a job, hating it and moving on and on and on. I do factor all those things in as well as any good hiring manager would do as well.

A friend of mine is out of work, she worked at one place for 30 years and within the last year now has been to three different offices. Two of which she got let go because they couldn’t afford her, which wasn’t her fault at all. She’s got several years left of work before she wants to retire and some dental office will be very lucky to have her! So if you’re in the lansing area and you’re a general practice dental office, I’ve got someone for you!


Ok, you’re here to get hired, I get it, here are some tips!

1-Look good, like funeral or wedding good. I know those are two good things to put next to each other -right. Haha Stop wearing jeans, stop wearing leggings, stop wearing regular street clothes thinking that’s ok! I seriously don’t understand it. I interviewed people from age 18-60 and all ages did this, it seriously baffles me, please someone message or comment below why people do this, please help me to understand.

2-If someone if being flexible with you, be flexible back with them! For example, I had asked someone to come in for an interview at 1 on a Wednesday, I scheduled on a Tuesday. Wednesday morning she said that she has an appt and cannot make it, I asked if she could come at 330, she said she’s babysitting he niece. I told her to bring her niece the interview wont take long, under 30 minutes. She texted me around noon and said that the toddler is grinding really bad because shes teething. I responded back, that’s ok with me! And I didn’t give her another opportunity. I can relate to that and would understand that, I was trying to be generous with the meeting time and she didn’t want to budge.


3-This next one stems from the last point, don’t make me chase you. If I leave a VM for you, I don’t want to call you again and if you NCNS, I will not call you again. I hope that everything is ok with you, but I won’t be calling you back!!

4-I called lots and lots of people, and please people, please change your voicemail from inappropriate music and those stupid VM messages. My brother had one for the longest time and it got me every time, but when you’re looking for a job, please change this, it’s annoying and very 10 years ago.

5-Bring your resume, cover letter, and references. Out of all of those interviews, only one person brought a reference sheet, and I’ve known her for over 10 years, she didn’t really need to bring that.

6–show up 15 minutes early, granted almost everyone showed up on time but most people were within about 5 minutes of the meeting time.

7- Be ready for the “What is your greatest strength and greatest weakness?” question. I know that this question is like 100 years old, but it helps me gauge who they are and their traits. I’m not 100% fond of the answer that is both positive and negative. For example, people say that talking or communication is their biggest strength, but then they also say it’s their biggest weakness as well. They talk too much and sometimes don’t know when to stop. That’s a hard one to really like, in my opinion.


The few people that I called and they didn’t get an interview, this was because they hinted that it wouldn’t be a good fit. One person actually said that his weakness was transportation….. UMM to me that sounds like you’re not going to be on time or you’re going to call in a lot.

A good interviewing manager will see through the fluff and ask you to come in for an interview which is where they’ll also asses the fact that you’re nervous, you probably stink at interviews and you should just take a deep breath and relax. They see all this and factor it in! Sunshine, you’ll be just fine, I promise!


Also kudos to the 2 people that said it was too far and the one person who called to let me know she got a job somewhere else, Thank you. Thank you for not wasting my time or your time, I deeply appreciate that. For those 7 NCNS, please take this example and just call, text or email if you’re not going to show up to the interview!

If you don’t want to come because its too far away, tell me, I may never see you again, and that’s fine. BUT if you NCNS and you apply again in the future, I’ll remember you and you won’t get another chance. Also, you don’t know who has a hiring agency working for them, which that agency could be representing hundreds of companies, then you’re out of the game for hundreds of businesses.


Here are the take always, look good, be flexible with your interview availability, change your stupid VM’s, bring your resume, reference and cover letter if you’ve got one, show up 15 minutes early and research interview questions ahead of time.  If this summation looks hard, you’re in luck because I’ve got a course for you! I’ll link it in the comments below at the end of the video. In this digital course, it will help you with upgrading your resume, references and glorify your cover or review letter. It will assist in your clothing options with links to clothing options. This course comes with tons of interview questions and good answers that you can use yourself. But wait there’s more, it also can help with when and how you should follow up with your interview afterwords. And if you buy within the next two minutes, just kidding, nothing happens, other than you get access to the full course. You don’t have to wait for any part of it. It’s self-paced and you can go through any section that you’d like to go through. If you’ve got questions about this live or the digital course it’s self, please feel free to PM me and I’ll be happy to help with whatever I can help with!

It’s been a wonderful night, cheers to you!

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