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Why Interviewing Matters

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Why Interviewing Matters… with Alesha Metter

We all know that resumes are important, that’s how you get the interview to your dream job. BUT if you suck at interviewing, you’ll never get the job. I was going to cut out the part at the end where I ask Alesha Metter “How do you think you’d do in an interview tomorrow?” I didn’t want you to feel discouraged by her answer, BUT I left it in there because she drops some value bombs here. Interviewing is so incredibly important and it’s not talked about enough. I’m going to be chatting up a storm over the next few months about interview tips! If you don’t want to miss any new info I have for you, feel free to head on over to my website and get signed up for my weekly emails. (It’s only once a week and I’ll never sell your email!!)

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