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You Already Make Enough Money, Why Not Just Take It Easy?

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Hey, it’s episode 20 and welcome back!!

What do you do when your family or friends tell you that you don’t need to be going this fast in life? That you’re already working enough, you’re already far enough in your career for your age.  That you already make enough, why not just take it easy? If you’re interested in upgrading your career, but these people are trying so hard to hold you back, tell them to screw off! Seriously, do it! If you want to be a bigger or stronger leader or to make more money, then do it, I’m here for you! Read this quote two times, ” Someone who has achieved more than you will never judge you for wanting more.” -Amy Porterfield. Well, she said it on her podcast but she said she doesn’t know where it originated if you know, make sure to fill me in so I can give credit to that person.

Did you read that twice? 

I want to take you on Mrs. Frizzle’s Magic Schoolbus for a minute. Think back to high school and your favorite subject, it was probably your favorite because you were good at it, right? You got compliments on the work you did, how fast or how efficient you did you work, that’s what helped make it your favorite subject, right? Thinking back to that Math, Science, English or Home Economics class. When I think back I remember in my home ec class, we were making quilts and I was super proficient and finished mine first. I got lots of compliments and questions as to how I did it so fast and so good. Well, I didn’t just stop there, as I’m sure you didn’t either when you were a rockstar in your classes. You would continue to do just as good of a job in these subjects after hearing these compliments. Well wanting to level up in your career is basically the same as high school, but we’re getting paid. Our teachers and bosses both would encourage us to do better but the difference between then and now is now, our family or friends will get in our way with negative comments.  

Why do you think we get these negative comments now? It goes back to that quote from earlier  ” Someone who has achieved more than you will never judge you for wanting more.” It’s time to confront the person or people who are trying so hard to hold you back or just let them slowly fade away. I can tell you that as a business owner I’ve gravitated towards friends who have a business or who are creating them. I look for the good comradery and always positivity. Now, this doesn’t mean to turn into a flower, but it does mean to recognize and understand other people’s fear that they’re pushing onto you. So stop listening to their negative fears that they’ll never conquer and listen to your head and your heart and keep it up, girlfriend! You’re looking for a way out of your current job. I’ve been there and I’m here to lend you a helping hand to get out.

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Still not convinced? Well, you can always continue to get free tips from this podcast until you’re ready. From there you can watch your dreams soar and exhilarate your confidence.–Why-Not-Just-Take-It-Easy-eb6ct3

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